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Hopefully you are having a great day, and your job or watching the grand kids has not overwhelmed you. I know some days after watching the little ones for my daughter I am worn out. Stick with me and I will show you How To Make Money After Retirement. Using the time in the evenings or weekends.

How to make money after retirement


Baby boomers are faced with the challenge of continuing to work. The internet shows every day 60,000 baby boomers turn 62 years old. Are they retiring at 62, maybe, maybe not. Have you retired and you have found the money is not enough to live on?

I live in California, it takes a lot more money to live than when I planned for retirement. The retirement funds do not stretch or there are additional costs which were not in the equation.

Or you can’t retire due to investment results are lower than expected due the stock market. Maybe an investment resulted in you losing a large part of your nest egg. Regardless I want to show you How To Make Money After Retirement.

One of the biggest markets is the internet with millions of people searching every hour.

Internet – Is There A Place For Me

Is there a place for you and me? Of course there is!

Because of mobile computers, cell phones. People search for items or information at a rate of 40,000 clicks per second.

Statistics are showing by 2021, over 2.14 billion people worldwide are expected to buy goods and services online, up from 1.66 billion in 2016. Purchasing goods and services online has become a common practice among many people around the world. Amazon is showing the world how to sell and how to deliver. I see a Prime vehicle in my neighborhood every day.

Talk to your friends, most of them have purchased something within the last week. Many of them are Amazon junkies. I know a lot of my friends spend a lot of money in the Amazon store.

One of the biggest companies with an affiliate marketing program is Amazon, call Amazon Associates program.

Think of all the items you can purchase on Amazon. On their peak day, Black Friday, customers ordered more than 26.5 million items worldwide.

Do you think there is a place for you now? I Think So!


Affiliate Marketing – providing information to people

Take the time to look at all the items available in the Amazon Store, as an affiliate marketer you are one of the sells people, a customer service reps, walking the floor.

A customer steps up to you and says, “Hello, I am looking for a coffee pot.” You walk with them to the section of the store where the coffee pots are displayed. You begin to explain the benefits of each coffee pot, taking the time to tell them which are the top three choices or the top selling. Even telling them which one you think is the best, because you have it and you love the way it functions.

Do you think they will listen to you? It depends on how you present yourself. If you are friendly and they like the way you are taking care of them they might buy a coffee pot and a television too.

Just joking! But they might buy a new coffee mug with their name engraved on the side.

Actually, because they enter Amazon through your link and they shop around. And buy something completely unrelated, you get credit for the sell.

All affiliate programs have a designated window of time after a customer enters your link to buy. It maybe 24 hours or 5 days, it depends on their contract or program. The percentage you get can be fixed. Or varies based on the traffic you create. For example Amazon has a lower percentage in the beginning, but increases with the traffic.

How do you draw people, customers, to your website? The term used in affiliate marketing is Niche.

Niche – Your Area of Specialty

I have talked about one already.

One affiliate marketer based his website on coffee. Build an income on coffee makers. Expanded to coffee beans. During all this linked to mugs and other items related to coffee drinking.

An affiliate marketer has a niche. A niche is a focused interest. For example, you might want to write information about sports items, too big. How about baseball, closer but still too big. You decide you want to write about baseball gloves.

You could then build a website based on baseball gloves. Review each position on the field. You could start with the first base. Compare different brands and give your opinion on each, recommending the best for a range of budgets.

How do I become an expert on a niche? Do a lot of research. People you know as an expert, weren’t ten years ago. Give yourself time and you will be the expert someone looks to for answers.

You have found a niche. How will you know people are looking for what you want to write about?

Keywords – What Do People Look For On the Internet

What are people searching for?

Have you noticed when you start typing a word in the search window. The phone or computer has suggestions below, of what it thinks you might be looking for.

This can be a list of ideas you can use to draw traffic to your site. You write reviews about baseball gloves, coffee pots, or glow sticks based on the list of ideas you found. Google ranks you. Over time, you appear to Google as an authority in this area, you make it to the first or second page listed in a search. You get more and more traffic to your site.

Jaaxy Lite can help determine what Keywords are best.

Is this a get-rich-quick program? NO, it will take time and a lot of reviews. Google and people need to know you are around to stay. In the beginning you are going to work for free. WHAT?

I thought I remember him saying he wanted to show me How To Make Money After Retirement.

I Do! I will.

If you are my age and have been paying attention as you traveled through life, nothing is handed to you that is worth any value. You need to work for those things of value. The individuals that had the gold spoon in their mouth … never mind, I digress.

If this sounds interesting to you. You want to get more information. Or receive training from experts. People who are building incomes for themselves and willing to help everyone with a desire to learn and grow. Look into Wealthy Affiliate by Kyle and Carson.

Read my review of Wealthy Affiliate. A community of business people will to Pay-It-Forward by helping you and anyone willing to take the time to view the training shared.

Leave me your questions below. If you have comments about anything above let me know.

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    • Do you see yourself writing about something that interests you?

      There are niches all around us. I went to Disneyland in October 2019. I was amazed at how much money was being spent. I am sure many of the people are connected with the brand of Disney and will buy items on the internet. Shop Disney is an affiliate where you would get a small percentage of every sale made through a website reviewing products of Disney.

      Let me know if you have any questions,

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