Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool will help reach internet users or customers. There are more than 3 billion active users on the internet. With thousands of online businesses trying to get users to enter their websites. These businesses are your compatition on the internet market.

Websites are open 24/7 and their customers are from all over the world.

Every year the number of people buying products and services online increases.

Think of the opportunities for you, by using a keywood search tool you attract customers to you!

The internet is the current Klondike or California Goldrush of our time. By having your own website it’s like having your own goldmine. Producing income while you sleep or sit at the beach.


Having a store selling to the community of the world is like having 3 billion customers living right outside your store.

With so many companies and online businesses rushing to get the gold. You need to get free traffic.

If you are an internet marketer, blogger, or building a website and you want to attract traffic you need to be on the first page of the research. Most people don’t look past the first page.

How do you get traffic without paying for advertisments. You will need a keyword research tool. Jaaxy is a keyword research tool which can give you a head start when you are limited on money to get your website going. I will give you a detailed discription of the aspects of Jaaxy.


What are keywords?

Why should you care?

Keywords help you get recognized by the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo creating traffic for your website.

There are ways to pay to attract traffic, but do you have the money?

Unless you have unlimited funds you will need something to draw visitors to your website, Jaaxy keywords will help in the beginning.

And it has a free starter option. Try it here.

Free traffic can give you the initial traffic you need to make money to pay for advertisments. By paying for advertisments you can increase traffic meaning more money for you.

This is my review ofJaaxy keyword research tool. It will create organic traffic.

Jaaxy – how it helps you

Jaaxy is a search engine keyword finder. A tool that will reduce the time it takes you to find keywords that internet users type in their computer or phone when searching for information and products.

When a user types in the search window, an Autocomplete program, makes suggestions of what the user might be looking for.

You could use this method to search for keywords. By using your search window to type in something, Autocomplete will give you a list of possibilities.

You write these words or phrases down, now you have a list to use for establishing a niche or article for a post.

It take hours to write all this down.

The solution is an online search tool that searches all the data processed every second of the day.

Jaaxy is one of many programs available. The great part is it has a free starter program.

When you type in Jaaxy it not only gives you a list of different words people are typing, but will give you data. Like

  • how many times this word is searched per month
  • how much traffic if your article were on the first page of the search, and
  • a list of domain names available to buy.

If you need a domain name, you can purchase it directly from Jaaxy. You don’t have to go to another site.

This data is collected from the most popular search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo.

This information can help you determine what you can write for your next article on your website.

I search for keywords everytime I write, this gives me a slight edge.

When starting a website an edge is helpful.

Jaaxy is a great tool to use, not perfect.

You and I are the ones choosing the keyword or phrase to base the article. If we don’t use it correctly by writing a poor post, it’s our fault.

The more good content you write with solid keyword research will give the boost needed in the web.

Here’s what you get with Jaaxy

I will attempt to give you details about each aspect of Jaaxy functions. You decide if you want to give a try.

“Search” function includes the following

Picture of site with tabs described below

Keywords – tab

Keyword – word or phrase users type into search engine to find what they are looking for. Jaaxy will proved a list of possible combinations based on what you type in. You need to look for phrases which make sense when read.

  • The Starter option gives you 30 searches free per month
  • Pro and Enterprise unlimited searches.

Average – the average number of searches the keyword or phrases recieve per month. You want a word or phrase with more than 30 searches per month.

Traffic – the number of visits to your website if you achieve first page. Most people do not look past the first page to find what they are looking for.

QSR – Quoted Search Results: the number of competing websites with this word or phrase. This is your compatition. You need to look for words or phrases with less than 100, some people have had results with five word phrases or more which were a gold mine.

KQI – Keyword Quality Indicater: Great, Normal and Poor rating gives you an indication of it’s performance potential. You want Great when starting out.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization. The score is based on traffic and competition, the higher the score the better chance of ranking on the first page.

Domains – searches for domain names (.com, .org and .net) available matching work or phrase. Jaaxy has access to available internet domain names. You can purchase domains directly in this location, starting at $13.99 per year (renewals at the same price). This give you a keyword search result in the name of your site.

Here is an example of cbd cannabis benefits using keyword search.

cbd cannabis benefits: avg 8, traffic 2, QSR 48, KQI Great, SEO 87, Domains available .com .net .org

Look at the related topics to the right. Do you see any additional posts you could write about. How about cannabis benefits asthma or cbd cannabis health benefits. You could to a series of articles. Can you see the benefits just in using Jaaxy to help in determining what to write about next. The advantage is these are what people are looking for when they search.

Remember this data is collect each day, trends of the searches.

Alphabet Soup – tab

A window to type a word, when searched will provide a list with +a, +b, +c, etc.. This will give an endless list of phrases you could use in an article. There is a search option to the right of each phrase. When clicked, gives you the results as if you had typed in the keywords (discribed above). With Enterprise version this data automaticly populates.

There is also a box to the right which shows Related and Brainstorm.

  • Related is keywords related to the target keywords.
  • Brainstorm we will discuss later.

Saved list – tab

As you search you will find words and phrases you want to save the results for later. You create a list title, you can even add to this list later. This will also save time of searching for phrases later.

Search History – tab

All past searches will be saved. Let’s say you searched a word you didn’t save the word to a list. You can go back and look at all the searches you entered. Even if the power goes out before you save.

Search Analysis – tab

This will compare your keyword or phrase against the compatition. This will include other marketers like you and big companies, The details of the site article (word count, backlinks, etc.). Some of this information is helpful, some is not. It is hard to determine where the information is coming from. For example, the number of backlinks is very high. Makes you wonder if it is all the backlinks for the website.

Affiliate Programs – tab

You can enter an item or niche you are thinking of marketing, a list of possible affiliate programs will be listed (CJ, Rakuten Marketing, etc.). You can find affilatie programs using Google, “niche+affiliate programs.”

Could be usefully if you are new to affiliate marketing.

Brainstorm HQ – tab

This will give you the top searched rankings for the day on Google Trends, Alexa Topics, Amazon Best Sellers, and Twitter Trends. This list changes everday. When you click the add button that item is added to your brainstorming list. You can than go to keyword search to see what the data is for these trends. It could help you find a niche, or your next niche to start, depending on your current workload.

You don’t want to overload yourself.

“Site Rank” includes

Search and Track Ranking – tabs

Search – you enter the keyword or phrase you have used in a post, add the domain you want to compare. This can be your own or your compatition. The results will tell you where that past ranked. This gives you an idea how your posts are doing. These results go to the 20 page, if you are past this point it doesn’t matter. I never look past the third page.

  • The Starter option gives you 30 site rank searches free
  • Pro option gives you 2K searches
  • Enterprise gives 10K searches.

The Track Ranking will keep track of the posts you are following, showing it rank and wether it’s on the rise or decline. Like a report card. Best to look at this once a week, not daily.

“Affiliate Program” function

Because Jaaxy is about affiliate marketing, you can promote Jaaxy on your website. You can earn money and use the program for free. Once you have earned enough you might want to pay for the upgrade. Here is the payment options and list of functions available for each option.

Starter free Trial, Pro $19 per month reduced from $49, Enterprise $49 per month reduced from $99

“Jaaxy Help” function

Kyle, one of the developers, narrates the videos discribing how to use Jaaxy.

These videos are very helpful and will give you ideas on how to improve your research.

The videos walk you step-by-step in using the tool to succeed in finding keywords.

How to develop your current niche.

How to find a new niche.

What data to consider before choosing a key word.

How collect ideas for future posts. When you have a mind block of what to write about, this collection of ideas will help.



There are other keyword search tools Soovle, Google Search Console to name a few.

Jaaxy is one to consider.

Name: Jaaxy
Kyle & Carson
Website URL: www.jaaxy.com
Price: free, Pro Plan $49/mth, Enterprise $99/mth
Overall Rating:
 4.9 out of 5.0

Jaaxy has many useful tools for free.

Give it a try.

AFFILIATE DISCLOSER: Do acknowledge that all of the links presented here pointing to the Jaaxy website are affiliate links. This means I earn a commission – at no additional cost to you – if (and only if) you decide to make purchase after following one of these links.

Understand that: I have used and I experimented the services, products, services and tools described here; I don’t recommend any of them based on the small amount I earn if you decide to buy them; I only recommend what I think can truly be useful and helpful to you.

  1. Wow! What a great post, I like the way you present your content, simple and well detailed anyone can easily understand, I truly agree with you about jaaxy keyword research to, personally that’s what I am currently using and I can testify to what you have stated on the content, it’s nothing but the truth, I believe it’s the best when it comes to key word research, for better word that have high traffic, I am sure to subscribe to your newsfeed to learn more about this and other related articles.

    Thank you.

    • There are great tools in Jaaxy to help build a niche. If you struggle with thinking of new content, the keyword search and related content will help.

      Have you viewed the training videos in the Help tab? It’s very helpful in learning how to use the program and hints on how to improve your niche.


  2. Yeah I remembered when I wanted to start an online business. So I had to open website, then I needed traffic, I didn’t know the more you pay the higher traffic you get. Then I was thinking maybe I’ll generate it on my own lol! But I was introduced to jaaxy_keyword research tools, this tool really helped me a lot to creating traffic on my website. Thanks a lot for this post and the recommendations.

    • Awesome to hear how Jaaxy helped you to create traffic for your website.

      The keyword research tool is helpful. Do you use long phrase, five or more keywords, to create stronger attraction to your website? Are there other tools in Jaaxy that helped?


  3. Hi I enjoyed reading your Jaaxy review, and thought that you covered all of the features and functionality of Jaaxy. Having used Jaaxy since joining Wealthy Affiliate a couple of years ago, I find that it is a very useful tool, which you need to think carefully, how to extract the best information from. Alan.

    • The functionality is useful. The help section videos were especially helpful, Kyle give very good examples of how to use keyword searching to make websites successful.

      Thank you for the comment. Was there any tool of Jaaxy that you have found most helpful?

  4. Jaaxy is a very useful and helpful tool for internet marketers and it’s been in the system for a while. The first place I learned about Jaaxy was on Wealthy Affiliate where I got to know of keyword research tool and Jaaxy was the most recommended. I’m am affiliate marketer and I’ve been using it since then because of it’s simplicity and quality. Thanks

    • As a Jaaxy user, did you notice the brainstorm feature? This a feature I as not completely aware of. Listing of trends each day. This is helpful for finding ideas of what people are looking for each day. I think this might be overlooked by those using the keyword search tool.


  5. It’s a fact that is made known widely that some businesses crash online, just because of the ignorance of the owners. Keyword is something that is very important in getting traffic to your website and it’s very detrimental, if not used, to how ranked your website is going to be on the search engines like Google, Bing and so on. Jaaxy provides everything necessary and I like it for that, I’ll recommend it as it is very useful.

    • Jaaxy provides many tools helpful to a website owner, Affiliate Marketers. Giving useful data to improve traffic. The ability to know what customers are looking for is worth having access and using Jaaxy.

      Is there a part of Jaaxy you were surprised about?


  6. As a stay home mom, I always have that chance and time to read when I’m all to myself at home, most times I’m always on the lookout for businesses and programs that can make me money. I ventured into affiliate marketing and it started my training with Wealthy Affiliate and on the platform, Jaaxy is the recommended keyword research tool. I’ve tried some in the past, but Jaaxy is still the best. Thank you for sharing this lovely article.

    • Wealthy Affiliate developers Kyle and Carson are also the developers of Jaaxy. They new the importance of keyword research. Jaaxy data is collected from the major search engine optimization companies. Providing current information for all those who use it.

      It is good to hear that you find Jaaxy useful.


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